Totally Trumpet
Totally Trumpet
Saturday, April 24th, 10 PM  - Villa Elisabeth - map     Tickets
Villa Elisabeth - Invalidenstraße 3 - 10115 Berlin

Gerard Presencer - BAND IN MY HEAD

"The notion of improvisation is often set very specifically in a given style of harmony or rhythmic identity. Whether that be Dixieland Jazz or Contemporary music, it happens. Within any improvised style, the trumpet (as with all instruments) has an additional stylistic identity to fulfill. After a while, an improvising trumpet player (me!) can start to feel creatively restricted, whilst fulfilling the requirements of the music. Trumpet players coming from different styles of music, might feel that there is no way in for them to improvisation, particularly if they are at a high level within their respective genre."  Gerard Presencer.
Within this concert composed by Gerard Presencer, he and Bill Forman, together with other trumpeters will explore improvisation and response and interaction with some pre agreed source material, just as long as the rules can be stretched, developed and ideally broken.)

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