Totally Trumpet
Totally Trumpet
Saturday, April 24th, 7 PM - Villa Elisabeth - map     Tickets
Villa Elisabeth - Invalidenstraße 3 - 10115 Berlin

TRUMPET PLUS - trumpet in chamber music with percussion and piano

Elliott Carter:  Glock Birthday Fanfare  for three trumpets and percussion
Luciano Berio:  Sequenza X  for trumpet and resonating piano
Erin Gee:  The left wing of inhale #37 for trumpet and percussion
Franco Donatoni:  Short  for trumpet solo
Unsuk Chin:  Fantasie Mechanique  for trumpet, trombone, percussion and piano

~~~ Pause ~~~

Ricardo Nova:  Ma's Sequence 7  for trumpet and three percussionists
Mark Andre:  iv 6  for trumpet solo (world premiere)
Christian Wolff:  Pulse  for trumpet and percussion
Liza Lim:  Wild Winged-One  for trumpet solo
Friedrich Schenker:  ...wo die schönen Trompeten blasen...  for trumpet and piano
(world premiere of the completed version)

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